WHY ThermCon & PF-56 I/E

We use an organic, mineral-based binding agent (patented) combined with gypsum, cement, sand, and an insulate (typically recycled EPS/PU ). When mixed and applied to a building, this creates a monolithic structure of unparalleled strength for lightweight material in present markets, which also has outstanding fire, thermal, impact and acoustic qualities.

Our Products are generally far more environmentally friendly than other building materials.

Our products have a lower CO2 footprint emission than traditional cement, brick and are far less energy-intensive in its operation and cost. Building services such as airconditioning heating /cooling reduced due to our Products energy efficiency.

Since Jan 2016, our products ThermCon & PF-56 I/E successfully tested for CO2 Footprint, and at the same time, LEED/TREES, TGO/VGREEN certified. We think that we can hold our own against the market leaders

When combined with cavity wall systems such as say light steel framing, fast track building of residential and commercial structures are possible with significantly shorter construction times and costs.

Light steel frames have the highest strength to weight ratio and steel is the most recycled material in the world and is the ideal structure for ThermCon resulting in an exceptionally stable and crack and impact resistant monolithic building.

Our Products are Independently tested and certified around the world to meet and sometimes even exceed current standards.

Our Products are suitable for both new and existing buildings (renovation & restoration) constructed from concrete, brick, masonry concrete block, light steel or wooden framing.

For ThermCon & PF-56, a mortar mixer and a spraying pump are employed to maximise speed (up to 1.8 m3 / hour), efficiency and obtain a uniform density to a building’s structure.

An essential feature of ThermCon is the mechanical properties of the material when sprayed onto a surface, and that is its ability to be applied in thick layers without slumping.

A layer of 100mm can be sprayed in one operation because the material bonds immediately and hardens, allowing for the continuous application of further coatings until the required thicknesses are achieved.

An Operator can complete an entire wall surface/cavity in continuous applications even when the material depth required is 200mm or more. This unique feature of using just a single Operation makes the application cost effective with savings in labour rates and time. These savings are significant when compared to standard multi‐materials and fixing applications used in typical construction today.

Building and cladding systems like Cement Fibre Board, Gypsum panel and EPS Panels need different layers of materials and chemical adhesives which require precise measuring and curing and specialised jointing and plenty of mechanical fixings.

These systems result in unacceptable wastage of time and materials.

Because our material has a high bonding property when it comes into contact with the Surface, it can be applied to ceilings to create a monolithic Building. Means the only thermal gaps are the doors and windows in the building, creating a very energy efficient structure.

The mechanical properties of our material make the rendering of the Surface with a trowel a smooth operation as the material does not pull or adhere to the tool and this gives the rendering applicator excellent control while levelling the Surface.

Gypsum’s neutral PH properties make for easier handling by the applicator, meaning they do not require protective clothing or gloves that would restrict their ability to work productively & efficiently, especially in hot and humid climates.

It is another way H & B is distinguishing itself in the market – Health and Safety for our Operators!