H & B Patented Lightweight System is…… 

an unrivalled  Light Weight Building Material & Building System for  both


Our material has a significant advantage over traditional construction:   Performance!

Our materials have very high resistance to fire (certified 4+ hours) with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation as well as offering very high seismic, impact and wind resistance. We know of no other material in the market today which combines all of these attributes within one light-weight materialwhich creates a Monolithic Structure providing unprecedented form and structural strength (see our Seismic Test Resultswhen bonded to a steel, wooden or PVC frame plus a Sustainable Building with a significantly lower CO2 and Chemical footprint (when compared to traditional building products) and TGO / VGREEN CERTIFIED


  • Reduces Building time by up to 70% (the product can be mixed and applied on-site, with application rates of up to 25m² per hour for walls).
  • Reduces Building cost by up to 50% (faster return on Investment when compared directly to traditional building products & additional savings available from short build times, labour rates, insurance, etc.).
  • Use less experienced and less costly labour teams given products ease of use and handling.
  • Ideal for use in areas with higher risks of earthquake, hurricane and humidity given its excellent structural and thermal qualities and meagre rates of water absorption.

– We will revolutionize the way to build responsibly in the 21st Century –