Due to the neglect of Affordable / Social Housing over many decades, the real source of market promise is not the wealthy few in the developed world.

Countries that lack the infrastructure to meet basic humanitarian needs provide the ideal situation for the development of environmentally sustainable technologies and products.

Affordable & Social Housing is a primary sector of industry that can contribute towards the upliftment of communities. The building industry’s emphasis has traditionally been on commercially viable projects sidelining low cost housing and the implicated low profit margins.

As a rule, small contractors build low cost houses in a traditionally ineffective way, with low quality materials, inferior workmanship and most importantly, no benefit of economy of scale.

For companies with the resources and persitence to compete at the bottom of the economic pyramid, the prospective rewards include the incalculable contribution to social and economic development, growth and substantial profits. Using H&B’s System to build, this would utlimately result in the multiplication of secondary economic activities and the development of small and medium scale enterprises, which would result in an increase in job opportunities, too.

H & B presents the most advanced techology and innovation in the industrial construction to build affordable houses, schools, clinics and other structures by using unskilled labour.

H & B has developed a system to construct durable structures of high quality in the shortes possible time. Our system has developed into the construction technology which is unrivaled!

H & B housing system is a lightweight, hand-set system. The largest components can be handled without using heavy machinery.

With simple training program, we transform unskilled labor into a highly productive workforce!

One crew can set steel frames up to 100m2 in one day!

H & B’s SYSTEM is versatile and allows for easy adaption to varied design specification for social acceptability.

H &B’S SYSTEM is successful in alleviating many of the logistical problems facing the construction of affordable repetitive housing projects.