Cyclic Loading Tests Completed on H & B Panels


Seismic and Wind Forces

A series of experiments were conducted at Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey in 2016 to determine the lateral load resistance capacity of H&B System typically against Seismic and Wind/Typhoon forces.

In this regard, 2-Dimensional panels composed of H&B materials on a cold-formed steel structural system were investigated under cyclic loading tests. Two different wall make-up configurations were tested in experiments and a minimum of two cyclic loading tests are accomplished for each option:

  1. Full System; where the complete wall thickness is filled with H&B materials and finished with H&B materials on both faces.
    (25mm H&B ThermCon cover + 90mm H&B ThermCon filling C90 light steel panel + 25mm H&B ThermCon cover).
  2. Sandwich system; where the core of the steel panel was filled with EPS/XPS boards and the wall was finished with H&B materials on both faces.
    (30mm H&B ThermCon cover + 90mm EPS/XPS filling C90 light steel panel + 30mm H&B ThermCon cover)

Summary of the experimental results for both H&B Sandwich shear
panels and H&B Full shear panels are given in the table below:

  • Experiment

    • 1. H&B-Sandwich
    • 2.H&B-Full

  • Shear Strength (kN/m)

    • 12.7
    • 18.9

  • Strength Reduction Factor (R)

    • 2.5
    • 2.1

This study was conducted in accordance with 2017 Turkish Seismic Code and the designers can refer to this experiment and take into account the lateral strength contribution of H&B materials to cold-formed steel structural strength. Hence these tests allow H&B to fully comply with an official and international acceptable Code in regard to utilization of shear strength.

According to the results of the experiments, H&B systems presents greater advantage over other traditional systems in regard to resistance against earthquake and typhoons. A comparison chart between H&B systems and other conventional materials with their shear strength values taken from Table 10.5 of 2017 Turkish Seismic Code is presented below:

  • Cladding System

    • H&B-Full
    • H&B-Sandwich
    • 12.5 mm Plasterboard
    • 12.0 mm Plywood
    • 11.0 mm OSB
    • 0.46 mm Steel Sheet

  • Shear Strength (kN/m)

    • 18.9
    • 12.7
    • 2.7
    • 11.4
    • 10.2
    • 5.7

  • Screw Spacing on Perimeter Studs/on inner studs (mm)

    • N/A
    • N/A
    • 200/300
    • 150/300
    • 150/300
    • 150/300