in both cases, we play one of the leading roles when it comes to


Wast Avoidance is not just a world to us – we have implemented it 100%.

That’s why we are very proud that Construction waste like EPS, PU and Gypsum, in particular, is the least problem for us compared to conventional/traditional construction systems – on the contrary!

We at H & B’s R&D worked for years on this unique Mix so we could more than just fulfil the implementation of the new guidelines of “Circular Economy & Close-Loop-recycling”. We wanted to reduce and re-use this waste for further meaningful use in construction.

We went even a step further in creating an outstanding new building material/system.  Our achievement to date is that we have received two patents (also internationally).


We not only fulfilling the criteria of “Circular Economy & Close-Loop-Recycling”, but almost go to “ZERO”.