H & B SL


H & B SL is  a  free  flowing,  self-levelling  screed material.  When  combined  with  our  ThermCon  and  light steel frame lattice  floor  joist systems,  H & B SL will  provide  a  lightweight, high  performing  alternative  to  pre-cast and  in-situ concrete  suspended  floor  solutions  offering  acoustic, thermal  and  fire  protection.


H & B SL ~1750kg/m3  in  weight with  effective  acoustic  properties  combined  with  fire protection,  no  smoke  emissions .

H & B SL is  a  special,  pre-blended  dry  mix, designed  for  application  at  thicknesses  of  between  35 and  60  mm.



H & B SL is  suitable  for  floors  in  housing,  office buildings  and  places  exposed  to  similar  loads.  H & B SL  may  be  applied  as  a  levelling  screed  directly onto  ThermCon  500  /  600  or  to  other  substrates  and may  be  used  in  conjunction  with  under  floor  heating or  cavity  floors.  H & B SL can  be  covered  with a  floor  finish  such  as  tiles,  linoleum,  parquet,  corkor  carpet etc..
Can also be used for wet areas as bath & shower rooms!


H & B SL is  designed  for  use  as  a  bonded levelling  screed  in  concrete,  particle  board  and H & B ThermCon.  In  addition  it  can  also  be  applied as  a  floating  screed  over  thermal  or  acoustic  insulation
or as an unbonded  screed  on  top  of  a  plastic membrane.



  • Easy pumpable with our offered spray machines or any adequate pumping machine
  • Reduced  drying  time,  ready  for  tiling  and other  flooring
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Can  be  used  as  an  underlayment  in  wet  areas
  • Smooth  consistent  floor  finish
  • Suitable  to  be  walked  on  after 12 hours
  • Mean  average  weight  at  1750kg/m3

H & B SL MAKES FLOORING SIMPLE AND EASY TO APPLY  and  requires  very  little  training  so  building teams can  be  efficient  and  get  started  straight  away. H & B SL is a self-levelling flooring screed product, made with our organic, mineral-based binding agent. Application and drying time are quick. The result is a perfect surface ready for final treatment and finishes, i.e. carpet, tiling, wooden flooring, etc. H & B SL delivers with a lower environmental footprint  than traditional cement based products.



No  special  protective  measures  or  hazardous  goods protection  are  necessary  when  transporting  H & B products.  H & B products are  generally  stored  in  25kg bags or as requirded according to local law  and need  to  be  protected  like  any  other  cement based  material  –  free  from  moisture  and  humidity.   Store all  H & B  products  off  the  ground  in  a  protected,  dry location.

H & B  products  do  not  require  any  special  handling equipment  as  they  are  a  mineral  based  material  without any  known  side  effects.  For  safe  keeping H & B material should  not  be  stored  below  5  degrees or in  temperatures in  excess  of  35  degrees.

Avoid  storing  in  direct  sunlight.

The  shelf  life  of  H & B  products  if  properly  stored and  sealed  is  6 to 9 months.



Do  not  apply  when  the  air  temperature  is  below  2 degrees  or  over  35  degrees.  H & B products  must  never  be applied  in  freezing  conditions  where  the  substrate  has likely  been  frozen.

Avoid  spraying  in  very  dry  conditions  as  this  can affect  the  reaction  time  and  cause  potential  surface cracking.  Always  take  into  account  the  solar  gain from  direct  sunlight  and  plan  to  avoid,  where possible, spraying  H & B products onto  surfaces  that are  heated.  If  unavoidable,  spraying  clean  water  onto the  surface  immediately  before  applying  H & B products  is  recommended.  When  the  substrate surfaces  are sustaining  direct  sunlight,  follow  the recommendations  on  the  surface  preparation.

Avoid  spraying  in  direct  sunlight.


Surfaces  such  as  brick  or  concrete  may  need  to  be prepared  by  scrabbling  or  removing  old,  loose  render. There  isn’t  a  need  to  apply  an  expensive  bonding product  for  better  results.

You  should  always  check  that  the  surface  is  not  hot due  to  direct  sunlight  as  this  may  dehydrate  the material  too  rapidly.  If  hot  and  dry,  apply  water.

When  spraying  onto  existing  surfaces,  the  surface must  be  free  of  all  bond-inhibiting  materials, including  dirt,  grease,  formwork  release  oils  and  any other  foreign  matter.  Any  loose  or  damaged  material must  be  totally  removed  and  or  repaired.

When  spraying  onto  a  light  steel  frame  with  mesh attached  as  per  instructions  make  sure  all  mesh  is thoroughly  attached,  check  that  all  mesh  goes  to  a width  of  10mm  of  an  intersection  or  door/window jamb.  If  you  are  spraying  close  to  objects  that  need protecting  from  over  spray,  this  is  the  time  to  do  so.

Once our ThermCon is completed and screeded to the correct level you can commence pumping the H & B SL.

The  mix  is  best  applied  using  a  pump,  this  will  allow  for  better  consistency  in  the  mixing  process.   For  best  results  an ambient  temperature  for  mixing  is  between  10-25  degrees  C.

Pumping  is  carried  out  in  sections  so  that  the  wet  edge  is  maintained. Use  a  wide  aluminium  screed  to  assist  the  levelling  process.

The  minimum  required thickness  of  H & B products should  be  35mm.

If  using  an  under  floor  heating  system,  a  minimum  of  25mm  over  the  elements  is  required.

Transport  –    No special protective measures or hazardous goods markings are necessary.

Disposal    –     Dispose of in accordance with local, state or federal regulations.

Clean Up   –     Clean tools and equipment with water immediately after use. Dried material can only be removed mechanically.

Health Hazard Information:

Health Effects

No adverse health effects expected if the product is handled in accordance with this Safety Data Sheet and the product label.

Symptoms that may arise if the product is mishandled are:

Acute effects

Swallowed:    Ingesting large amounts may result in nausea and minor discomfort.

Eye:                 Any fine dust may be an eye irritant.

Skin:                Contact with skin may result in irritation. Repeated or prolonged skin contact may lead to irritant contact dermatitis.

Inhaled:           Inhalation of dust may result in respiratory irritation.

First Aid

Swallowed:     Rinse mouth with water. Give plenty of water to drink. Seek medical advice

Eye:                 Irrigate with copious quantities of water for fifteen minutes. In all cases of eye contamination it is a sensible precaution to seek medical advice.

Skin:                Wash contaminated skin with plenty of water. If irritation occurs seek medical advice.

Inhaled:          Remove victim from exposure. Seek medical advice if effects persist.



The information in this document may change without notice.

Further information: or your local distributor