H & B


– Value not only to the consumer but for the construction industry as well –




Our material has intrinsic properties of thermal inertia (allowing a more constant temperature both in cold and hot regions) and acoustic insulation.


H & B modular building system is…


ThermCon does not burn, will not release smoke, carbon dioxide or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound), in the event of a fire – and is certified with the highest fireproof test Certificate “A1 – 4+ hours “

Not only is the structural stability maintained for more extended periods, but construction with our invented ThermCon prevents the spread of the fire from one building to another.

It is sufficiently strong to resist impact, blasts and natural catastrophes like earthquakes, tornadoes.



Factory or Mobil IN-SITU production both allow a wide choice of surface finishing, colour range and unusual shapes. Pre-Cast has another advantage: its mouldability which enables designers to copy classical details like keystones and capitals or match the finish of materials like weathered stones.



H&B patented Material Mix improves the indoor air quality to make indoor spaces healthier.

Indoor air quality is a concern for all of us. Pre-Cast with our unique patented material mix is stable throughout its life and does not need chemical treatments to protect it against rot, mildew and insect attacks. Means that there are no emissions in the internal environment!



Our newly invented & patented Gypsum/Cement mix lasts as long as Concrete. Egyptian and Chinese people used an ancient form of Gypsum for buildings and structures that still exist today. Light Steel Frame is used where the structural stability has to be maintained for long periods. Useful material and system design detailing help to lengthen the life of our building. That’s what H & B stands for!



Made of natural raw material locally available almost everywhere and in an enormous quantity minimizes the full life cycle impact on the environment. – please, see our CO2 FOOTPRINT TEST RESULTS!



Pre-Cast combines the excellent quality of factory production with a relatively inexpensive material. The costs for maintenance are lower than built with Concrete. There is, therefore, no need to compromise on quality to reduce costs, simply choose the best way to use locally available resources.



Sustainable means a “3-win” situation for the three pillars of our society:


If only one of these elements is “negative”, the solution can’t be considered sustainable!